Thursday, November 17, 2011

We have a Cameroonian acquaintance who recently had her wedding invitations printed in her hometown. A month ago, when she ordered them by phone from Yaounde, she was told that they would be ready for her when she traveled home three weeks later (last weekend) to pick them up, and she could pay then. But when she got there, they told her that now that she was there, she could pay and they would start to print them. But even before that, they had to renegociate the price. She did that, agreeing to pay slightly less than their asking price (although more than the originally agreed-upon price.) When she went to pick them up two days later, they had printed only 280 of the requested 300, because she hadn't paid enough.

In talking about the invitations, she assured me that she and her husband had not had their pictures printed on the invitations, because when people have your picture, they can "do things" to you.

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