Friday, November 4, 2011

We attend a little Baptist church a few miles from home. It isn't the large church that we attended for over 20 years: that one is very big and a fair distance from where we live, but it is a "daughter" of our former church. I am intrigued by the Cameroonian sense of humor, which is often different from ours. Here are the things that the congregation found funny in this week's sermon:
- When describing how Jesus healed the servant of a Roman centurian, the pastor noted that the servant had been sick for such a long time and his situation looked so desperate that his own family might have been praying for his death.
- The Bible says that Lazarus had been in the grave for four days before Jesus came to raise him. The point at which they laughed was when he noted that the custom of the time required that someone be dead for three days in order to be considered officially dead. (I guess that is sort of funny when you think about it.)
- This one really brought down the house: the pastor told us that when he was on his recent trip to Korea, a White man stole his cell phone. (The Whites who come to Cameroon tend to be either missionaries or diplomatic corps, so people have the notion that a white person wouldn't cheat or steal.)

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