Friday, November 18, 2011

Today one of my Cameroonian friends asked me to talk with her about breast cancer prevention. I shared with her the things that I have learned, like consuming lots of antioxidants and keeping my blood sugar even, partly by avoiding refined carbohydrates. She said that she would have a hard time giving up sugar, so I suggested that if she did it a little at a time, she would get used to it and eventually wouldn't even miss it. For example, I told her that years ago I took sugar in my coffee and tea, but now I don't much like hot drinks that are sweet. I told her that in the three months we have been here, we have used only one cup of sugar, and that was for a cake we took to someone else's house. She was dumbfounded. She told me that she uses that much almost every day, just putting sugar into her coffee or tea. We have often noticed that Cameroonians treat hot drinks like vehicles for milk and sugar. They will whiten their tea or coffee with sweetened condensed milk (which is sort of like liquid fudge, but without the chocolate), then add two or three heaping tablespoons of sugar. (Call it the poor man's frappuccino. ) I thought about how Americans only like drinks that sweet if they come in bottles and have some chemicals thrown in, too.

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