Monday, November 7, 2011

Happy Sheep Day! Well, not quite. Today is “La Fête du Mouton” or “feast of the lamb,” a Muslim holy day that is a national holiday in Cameroon. Of course I’m thinking about knitting and my group of knitting friends in North Carolina. After studying for a few hours, I will put my own spin on the day by knitting for an hour or so on my wool jacket and being thankful for the merinos who provided the yarn.

I had a really bad (I mean really, really bad. I actually went into shock for a few hours) experience the other day when all of my textbooks got deleted from my e-reader. I spent almost three hours on Skype with Amazon. (It occurred to me later that might get in trouble with the IT folks at the office for that, but it was an emergency, in my view.) Amazon shuttled me to four different techies, none of whom could figure out why they couldn’t send the books to either my reader or my PC. Eventually one of them took my cell phone number and promised to keep working on it, then call me. That was a few days ago and he still hasn’t. However, eventually Paul and I figured it out. It had to do with the security system here that uses a proxy server. We went to the home of a friend with a good Internet connection, I opened my reader and did a couple of little things, and got back my books. But what a panic.

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