Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A few weeks ago, the son of a friend of ours asked us for advice on how to get himself to the States to study. Among other things, we told him that we can't help him get a visa, because the U.S. Embassy doesn't take kindly to such things. They prefer to deal in person with visa applicants, and they pay no heed to recommendations from ordinary Americans like us. It turned out that he had already paid nearly $50 to someone who had promised to help him apply for the visa lottery, and another, similar amount to someone who was supposedly helping him get a visa to Canada. We told him that he had been scammed, because anyone can go to an embassy and get a visa application (or application for the visa lottery) and fill it out. Last week he asked Paul to help him change the format on some digital photos. When Paul met with him, he learned that the guy has started his own little business , helping people apply for visas to America.

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