Wednesday, November 16, 2011

- A car with the back windshield broken out but with a large umbrella sticking out of it.
- Another car with the back windshield missing, but this one was covered in what looked like layers and layers of plastic wrap.
- A woman who stopped us on the sidewalk to talk to us, while swinging a large fish.
- A temporary car wash park, located in an empty lot. The water source was the large puddles remaining from the night's rain. (We often see people using potholes or the swamp for the same purpose.)
- A small mountain of plastic bottles floating on the open sewer that flows past the grocery store where we often shop. They were piling up next to the drive leading into the parking lot, which crosses the open sewer carrying the bottles.)
- Egg pyramids. (People selling eggs by the side of the road stack them in pyramids.) I must remember to keep my friend Char away from them if she ever visits me here.
- A guy selling water – by the plastic mug – out of a pushcart. (Paul commented, "It reminds me to be thankful for clean water – and clean dishes.")
- Lots of people swinging a live chicken in each hand. (This was near the market where people go to buy chickens.)

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