Monday, October 31, 2011

So now, in addition to two dogs who don't get along, we have a rooster. We will happily eat it, but it's pretty scrawny, so we are contemplating keeping it around for awhile to fatten it up. After D. & co. left, we put it into one of the spare dog kennels on the premises. Somehow it escaped. We spent thirty minutes or so trying to corral it so that Paul could put it back in the cage. (We were somewhat hindered by what you might call my rooster phobia, but which I would call good sense when it comes to untrainable foul with pointy feet and sharp beaks. I was once chased around my grandma's farm by a very scary turkey and will never forget it.) Finally Paul closed in, and – whoops – the rooster flew to the broken-glass-studded top of the high wall that surrounds our compound. (I instinctively yelped, "Ouch! Do you suppose he knew there was glass up there before he did that?" Paul gave me an odd look and replied, "Honey, it's a chicken.") This called for a new strategy, involving brooms. When that, too, failed, it occurred to us that luring him down might be easier. Our home owners have a stock of dried corn, so we scattered some around the ground. Sure enough, eventually the rooster came back down. We tried laying a trail into the house (where Paul figured it would be easier to catch him. I didn't argue, but every once in awhile, I think that I see the possible pitfalls in a plan a little more clearly than my dear husband.) Fortunately the rooster doesn't like steps. Next we tried laying the trail directly into another dog kennel (one that doesn't have a hole big enough for a rooster to get through). Eventually we got tired of watching the rooster explore the yard, ignoring our trail, and decided to just leave a bunch of corn in the kennel and go away for awhile. Paul said that he didn't want to spend the afternoon chasing after a rooster. That was my chance to give him an odd look, pointing out that we just had.(P.S. When we checked again in the evening, the rooster was – what else? Roosting - in a tree next to the wall. See picture.)

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