Thursday, October 6, 2011

Meet Villa and Kaylin, our watch dogs. They are very good at their job, which they demonstrated to us by barking loudly at anything within the vicinity of our compound at night: people, vehicles, other dogs, cats, rats and , apparently flies and cockroaches. After three almost sleepless nights, we figured something had to change. So on a hunch, we put Villa, the primary offender, in her cage one night. It would have worked, were Villa not insanely jealous of Kaylin. When we let Villa out the next morning (after our good night's sleep) she attacked Kaylin. However, she really did seem to be cured of the incessant barking. So for awhile we left them both out most of the time, and whenever we wanted to pet Kaylin, put medicine on her ear-sores or brush her, we first put Villa in her cage, then took Kaylin around the corner, out of Villa's sight. Being a dog, Villa was not fooled, and eventually there were severe reprisals. So now we keep them out only one at a time, and we are looking for another temporary home for Kaylin.

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