Thursday, October 13, 2011

Last night (after I had written that post about how handy Paul is) we came home from our Bible study to find ourselves locked out of our house. Neither my key nor Paul's would turn in the lock. While I stewed and prattled on about things like who would take us in for the night and where and how expensive the nearest locksmith might be, Paul was examining the door. Recognizing the signs, I sat down and pulled out my knitting. I knitted and watched as he calmly explored all of the edges of the double doors. From out of nowhere, he produced a tool and started patiently working at the bottom of one side, until he had removed the seal. This allowed him to get his tool or his fingers in to release the latch that went into the floor, which then allowed him to pull open the two doors simultaneously, in spite of the dead bolt. This morning he removed the lock entirely and took it with him to the hangar to "see what he can do." (He needs me, too: I will have to call and remind him to bring it home.)

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  1. What a lovely story! And all the more heartwarming for those of us who know Paul. --Carol (Sissy)