Monday, October 10, 2011

I have a very good friend who works in the eastern part of the country. In a phone call, she told me that their sous-prefet (sortof like a lieutenant governor) ordered that all of the churches close on election Sunday, to ensure that everyone will have time to vote. Apparently he said that that is the only thing that people should think of doing that day. (The pastors were outraged and vowed to ignore him, but I don't know for sure what happened.) This wasn' t his first eratic order: recently he ordered that all of the buildings that face the road that runs through the town be painted pink.
Election day in Yaoundé was uneventful. Our church had a time of prayer for the elections instead of the usual sermon. We prayed that:
- none of the parties would have thugs at the polls to intimidate voters.
- the ballots would be protected from the time they were cast until they showed up in the counting place.
- the counters would count accurately.
- the results that were announced would be the same as the results of the count.
- that people would accept the results and not make trouble.
I don't remember praying that people who had registered would be able to vote, but that would have been a good idea. Of the several AnglophonesI have asked, not one was able to vote. They either weren't allowed to register, or they registered, but their name didn't show up on the voting list.

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