Thursday, April 23, 2009

While unpacking the trunks of things that we had packed away to make room for our renters, I badly stubbed and sprained my toe. After a few days of keeping it iced and elevated, I am recovering, but I still can't wear regular shoes. As I went about my errands yesterday, self-consciously wearing socks with my sports sandals (It's too cold to omit the socks), I found myself exaggerating my limp, hoping that people would rightly assume that there was good reason for my fashion faux pas. We Westerners are far more rigid in our dress codes than are Cameroonians.

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  1. I can imagine you are going through a culture shock backwards. After coming back from our camping trips in France i would always try real hard to keep up the relaxed, life enjoying life attitude, but it would last a few weeks at most. too bad. I really enjoyed your blog. thanks for letting me in to that part of your life. Hope to talk to you soon on skype. Jullian