Saturday, April 11, 2009

This morning I went back to our old neighborhood to say goodbye to our former neighbor, Marie. She had asked me to get her a Bible, so I took that with me, along with some recent family photos. I left the Bible with her husband and told him to ask her to pass by my apartment. She came and we chatted and looked at the pictures, and I told her that I was leaving on Monday. Here is the conversation that followed:
Marie: When will I see you again before you leave?
Nanci: This is the last time. That’s why I came by to see you: to say goodbye.
M: Do you leave Monday morning?
N: No, evening.
M: Then I’ll see you Monday.
N: On Monday I have a meeting all morning, then lunch with a friend, then another meeting all afternoon, then I will meet another friend to say goodbye, then I have to go to the airport.
M: So you were just going to leave like that, without saying goodbye?
N: That’s why I came today, to say goodbye.
M: Hmph! (Long pause.) So you’ll come see me at my house tomorrow.
N: Tomorrow is Easter. I have things planned all day.
M: Well then when will I say goodbye?
N: I thought we could do that now.


  1. Safe travels! See you soon!!


  2. Nanci -

    Your blog is wonderful, insightful and a real pleasure but it will difinitely even better to have you back in Charlotte area.

    Safe travels and hope to see you soon!