Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tonight an acquaintance who works for Cameroon Television stopped by to greet us. He told us that he intends to send his daughter to the US for university next year, because “Now that Obama is president, he will open things up for black people.” We told him not to count on any big changes in that regard and added that Lexi recently told us that Obama has expelled tens of thousands of Haitians. Our friend said, “But they aren’t Black.” We said that they are. I don’t think that he was convinced, but he was undaunted either way. Paul pointed out that even if Obama wanted to make major changes in immigration policy, he is only one arm of the government. Our friend said, “Yes, but I’ve heard that the majority of the legislature supports him, so if he wants something, he will get it.” Finally we said, “We’ll just have to wait and see.” Our friend said, “Yes. We’ll see.” All of this took place in French, but as we walked away he shouted after us in English, “Yes we can!”

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