Monday, March 2, 2009

Coneilia got a little bit more news. Her brother had been working (construction) overtime in the city for the past two weeks, wanting to earn some extra money for his family and to help Coneilia with Dieudonne’s expenses. On Saturday he received his pay and was heading for the village. Apparently someone – maybe some fellow constructions workers - knew that he had the money, because they killed him for it. For Coneilia, his death is a quadruple burden. She has lost her brother; she has lost the financial help he sometimes gave her; she must cover enormous funeral expenses (In her culture, the family of the deceased is obliged to provide food and drink to anyone who drops in over a three day period, and the entire village will do so) and because her own parents are gone, she must now take on the support of his widow and children. (The widow’s own family has no such obligation to her.) My words of comfort seem feeble.


  1. how sad for conelia & her family. i will be praying for them. i have very fond memories of her and patricia and it is awful for such a tragedy to happen to their family!

  2. Very sad. Her burdens are incomprehensible.