Thursday, February 12, 2009

Paul had a day off today, so we spent it downtown, wandering in and out of little shops, seeing what’s new. I found the yarn shop that a friend had mentioned to me. The good news is that it’s all local yarn, made just a few miles from the shop. There were many colors and three different weights: fine, very fine and extra fine. The shop keeper told us that he doesn’t know any women (or men) who hand knit, but that there are people with machines, and they are the ones who buy the yarn. It all comes in one size skein – about 100 gms. The bad news is that it is ALL 100% acrylic. As we were walking down the street, we had just commented on how few foreigners there are here. When we first arrived, there were a lot of French people, but most have left. And about that time, someone called out to me, “Hey – a White! The last one left in Cameroon!”

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