Friday, February 27, 2009

One time we were watching television with a roomful of Cameroonian friends. We were watching as Paul Biya, the President, and his French wife arrived for a diplomatic visit in Congo. They deplaned, made their way to the platform where there were to be speeches and sat down. Then Madame Biya crossed her legs, and the room where we were erupted. “What! Look at that!” “Who does she think she is?” “What will people think of Cameroon when our First Lady behaves like that?” It was a chilling reminder of the importance of respecting the culture where you are. (I hope that Michelle Obama has better protocol officers than Mme Biya must have.)

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  1. Re Michelle Obama, I don't think so! Did you hear about the furor over her showing up sleeveless at Obama's speech on Tuesday night? --Carol