Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I had lunch with Coneilia today and told her about the erotic dancer on crutches. She knows him. She said, “He came to my house and asked me if he could dance for me in exchange for some food. I told him that any time he needed food, he just had to ask, but I wasn’t about to watch him dance like that.” I also told her about a meal that we had recently with some colleagues. I told her that the woman had talked almost non-stop from the time they arrived, and it was only after more than two hours that she asked anything about us. (She had asked what I was knitting.) Coneilia was aghast. “Do you mean she didn’t ask about your children when she arrived?” I said no. “And she never asked about your family?” I shook my head. She paused, then narrowed her eyes and said, “And was this woman Cameroonian?” I said no. She was only slightly comforted. She shook her head and said, “Well that was very rude, even for an American.”


  1. Nanci -

    So the "ugly American" rears it's head again.

    I love reading your blog. Elizabeth (my daughter) and I follow and discuss it every day. Not all Americans are completely insensitive.