Sunday, January 18, 2009

When I walked into the fabric store and saw all of the colorful pagnes (lengths of cloth), I thought about Alexis and Karen and cried a little, missing them. They would have loved to have been there with me (until I started crying, at least.) I didn’t buy anything, because I still have at least twenty pagnes at home, having overdone it a little on previous trips.
We conclude the day at the market. I’m tired and don’t work very hard at getting a good price, which will cause me trouble the next time I go. While Paul carries the big bag full of papayas, tomatoes, lettuce, oranges, onions, carrots, lemons and melons, I count out the last of my change to a woman who sells me a pile of grapefruit. Another woman, selling nearby, calls out, “What, you aren’t going to buy even one little thing from me?” I tell her that I have spent all of my money, then joke that I haven’t even saved any to pay the porter. She glances at Paul, winks at me and says, “You can pay him when you get home.” The other woman laugh as we drive away.


  1. I'm really enjoying your blog, Nanci. Makes me miss Cameroon! --Holly Z.

  2. MISS YOU TOO!!! And reading this makes me miss Cameroon. A lot.