Saturday, January 24, 2009

Some Illogic Is Universal

I was sitting at CABTAL with two friends (I’ll call them Helen and Sophie), waiting for lunch. Sophie watched me for a minute and uttered those words so annoying to knitters, “I wish that I had time to do that.” Rather than point out the illogic directly, I told a story: “One time I was waiting for a doctor. In America, they put TV’s in the waiting room so that you don’t notice how long you have to wait. I was knitting, and another woman was watching a stupid game show. She kept looking over at me. Finally she gave a big sigh and said, ‘It must be nice to have time to do that.’” Helen got it first. She laughed and said, “She’s right, Sophie. You could be knitting right now! You have the time; you just need to carry your knitting with you. “Sophie laughed, too, and held out her hand for me to shake.

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