Sunday, January 25, 2009

Paul is sick. He has spent the day – his birthday, yet! - alternately vomiting, sleeping and doubling over with stomach cramps. I have spent it searching out the “pharmacy de garde” (The pharmacies cooperate to make sure that some are open on Sundays), reading the relevant chapters of Where There Is No Doctor, phoning around to find some antacids and making him a birthday dinner of – what else? – chicken soup.


  1. Do you have any baking soda? A tablespoon of baking soda dissolved in water could help. Then again, my favorite is gingerale and buttered sugar toast. Maybe you have some of this available to you.

  2. Nanci -
    Without my acid reflux meds I use hot water to help. First I boil it than cool it down so I don't burn my throat. This gives temporary relief. In my experience, all fats make the acid reflux worse.
    In our new medical plan (which is very limited in choices) They show Omeprazole (it's the generic name for Prilosec OTC).