Monday, January 26, 2009

Paul is no longer vomiting, but he still has a fever. He fears that the violent vomiting has given him a hiatal hernia, because he has severe acid reflux whenever he eats anything at all. He has eaten very little since Saturday night.
I have decided among the various possibilities and chosen someone to help in the house. Her name is Charlotte, and she works with little two-month old Jesse either on her back or sleeping on a mattress on the floor of our guest room. Charlotte was fired for stealing from one of her previous places of employment. That served as a wake-up call. She got serious about her faith, and the Lord has made some tremendous changes (according to friends who have known her for a long time) in her life and even her personality. When we prayed together on her first day here, I was touched to hear her thank God for giving her a second chance. I told the guard that I had chosen someone other than his “sister”. He said, “Madame, it’s no problem. I like the way you Americans are. You pick the person that you think is best for the job, and not the one that pays you something or knows someone you know. It’s really a good way to choose people.”

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  1. Nanci -
    I'm glad he is better. I posted an acid refluex comment.