Friday, January 16, 2009


During dry season, which is from approximately December to mid March, fine dust blows down from the Sahara. At times it is so thick and visibility is so poor that Paul has to delay take-off until mid-morning, when the sun has had time to burn it off. It gets into everything, which is why we cover our computers and keep things in plastic bags. The problem is exacerbated by the poor air qualty. (The UV index today is 9 out of a possible 10. By way of contrast, the UV index in Charlotte today is less than 2.) The pollution is due to both vehicles without emission standards and the pervasiveness of burning as a way to get rid of garbage and clear fields. Sometimes after I've been walking, I find black guck in the corners of my eyes. And if I happen to blow my nose after spending a lot of time downtown, well, you get the idea. There were times during our years here when I toyed with the idea of bringing back a gas mask. (But see previous post about trying to avoid looking suspicious.)


  1. Good morning. Just wanted to let you you I really enjoy reading your blog:) Its a fascinating glimpse into a very interesting place. BTW..Its 11 deg here this morning in Blue Bell, PA!

  2. Your home looks very nice. I like the blue tile. Maybe the additional colors are for radom punches of color!