Tuesday, January 20, 2009

From there, I walk back a half mile to CABTAL (Cameroonian Association for Bible Translation and Literacy), which is a close partner mission to our own. One of my American friends has invited Paul and me to have lunch with her there. Another friend, this one Cameroonian, cooks food and brings it to CABTAL to sell at noon every day. (She serves it in an outdoor classroom that is used for training literary workers.) Today is fish and plantains day. When we eat fish here, we don't eat chunks of fish - we eat a fish. Paul has even learned to eat the heads, but I figure there are a lot of other things I can learn before I get around to that one. Paul arrives late, so I get in some knitting time while waiting for him to finish. (Knitters, I'm nearly done with the back of Elektra.)
As I'm walking home to prepare dinner for guests (missionary friends who have just returned from furlough in the US and who are leaving in the morning to go back to their village in the far north of the country), I pass a photocopy shop (of sorts) and decide to stop and chat. I ask him how business is, and he tells me that it isn't good: his machine is broken. I commiserate. When I ask if I may take a picture, he hesitates, then says that it's okay as long as he isn't in it. It doesn't occur to me until I arrive home to wonder why he sits in the shop all day with a broken machine.

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  1. I see you knitting in your sleeveless dress! You might want to know that south Charlotte had a heavy 3 inches of snow this morning. It has melted off the roads and mostly away, will be gone by tomorrow. But all the schools closed and traffic is light even tonight.