Monday, January 12, 2009

Friday, Jan 9
We arrived in Cameroon around midnight. It has been over two years since our last visit, and before we even leave the airport, we note a few changes. The baggage handlers have been disciplined to stay back, away from the arrivals, so we aren’t mobbed and don’t have to argue with anyone. We merely point to our choice, and he comes forward with the luggage cart. At first we don’t see many familiar faces, but within a few minutes the word gets around that “Monsieur et Madame Paul” are back, and a steady stream of airport employees approach to greet us.
We are thankful that all of our luggage has arrived with us. (Well, except for the camera that I absent-mindedly left in the taxi in Casablanca, that is. So it will be awhile before I can post any pictures.)
Daryl from the Aviation Department drives us the fifteen miles to the SIL center where we will live for the next few months. We have been assigned a very pleasant apartment that is away from the bustle of the offices. I am sad to learn that the wireless stops a few meters from our door but relieved to find the broadband cable in the small room that will be my office.
We are amazed that the apartment is very clean. We are very grateful when we learn that several of our colleagues spent the day at it.
We don’t go to bed until after 2 am. We have been traveling for thirty-nine hours and are exhausted.

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