Thursday, January 15, 2009

Digital Blessing

Our friend Vreni told us about a young man who sells cameras at a good price. I phoned him, he came to see us, and I now have almost the same camera that I lost in Morocco. The young man, Sylvain, lost his father at an early age, so some missionaries that we know helped him get through school. Now the son of those missionaries (who is one of my former students) has helped him to establish this business. He is a Christian, so he has special rates for missionaries. We were very happy to help him in his business, and I was delighted to get this camera. Here is the part where it feels like God was smiling: after I lost the camera, I said to Paul, “You know what’s silly? I feel just as sad about that cute little case that I bought for it as I do about the camera.” We could hardly believe it when Sylvain pulled out the camera, in an identical case. Paul asked him if it had come with the camera, but of course it hadn’t (nor had mine.) Given that we are in Cameroon, thousands of miles away from the nearest store that sells cases like this, we feel very blessed by the whole thing.

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