Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Convenience Shopping

Here is a partial list of the things that I saw for sale by the side of the road, on my last walk: peanuts in whisky bottles, little packets of sugared peanuts, assorted hardward, hard boiled eggs (sitting in the sun alongside a jar of hot pepper sauce and one of mayonnaise), foam mattresses, leather flip flops, plastic flip flops (with colorful feathers attached), huge slabs of spicy beef jerky, batteries, candy, cigarettes, phone calls (people with cell phones set up a table under an umbrella, and for about 20 cents you can make a call on their phone), phone cards, dried fish, papaya, tomatoes, umbrellas (used more for sun than for rain: when it rains, it's often too hard for an umbrella to be of use), cups of water, garlic, manioc, pastries, matches, bananas and more bananas, palm oil (bring your own container), palm wine (by the cup).

I could go on and on. I had taken a little notebook with me to jot down things as I saw them, but when I passed a policeman, I put it away. It's better for foreigners to avoid looking suspicious.

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  1. Dear Nanci,
    I'm really enjoying reading your blogs/journals and kind of gearing myself up for our visit in April for spiritual retreat...
    Brings back so many memories and pictures of life there. Selling calls on one's cell phone sounds VERY resourceful! That's the one thing I don't remember seeing 9 years ago.
    Take care and thanks for your interesting stories! Love, Deb (Haken)