Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Chips, Part II

Chips, Part II
This morning I got a call from the guard mentioned above, saying that he is here with the chips. He is excited and wants me to come now to get them. Somewhat annoyed but not wanting to offend, I get my wallet and close up the apartment (see below.) As I do, I realize that my assumption about his motives may mean that jadedness is already kicking in. I ask God to give me wisdom. Just then I see Philip, the young man (a former student) who lives in one of the other apartments on the center. I tell him the situation, and he says to me, “Oh, he gave me chips when I moved in, too.” I am greatly relieved. Nevertheless, when I accept the chips, I tell the guard that he has to understand that I am still going to interview the other women and pray about whom to hire. He seems genuinely confused, and protests that the chips have nothing to do with that. We shake hands and I go home with my chips.
Being an overseas missionary is sort of a two-part thing. We’re here to do certain jobs that we believe will contribute to the translation of the Bible into Cameroonian languages. As a pilot/mechanic, Paul maintains and flies the airplane that transports missionaries, church workers, medical staff, medical emergencies, supplies, etc. I work with the boards in the mission (here and elsewhere) to help them govern effectively. But probably the more important part of our work is to live out Christ among the people around us. We’re pretty comfortable and skilled with the former, but the latter reminds me daily how little I have to offer unless the Lord leads and enables me.

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