Friday, January 16, 2009

Almost Done

You can't see me, but I am sitting right here in my home office, typing this post. Behind me there is nearly an entire wall of shelves, which is ironic because we have little to put on them here, but a month ago Paul was figuring out how to put extra shelves in our house in Waxhaw. My Internet access is limited to this room by a very short cable. (We hope to get a longer one this weekend, or maybe even a router.) The funny thing sticking up behind my closed computer is Paul's open one (covered with a dish towel.) One of his hinges broke, and he may have to wait weeks for the part. Paul offered to move things around so that I'd face the window, and our patch of yellow-green lawn, but it's cooler to leave the curtains drawn, anyway. The door angles weren't very good for pictures of the bedroom or bathroom, but we do have both.

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